Budapest 2017

20% of Hungary’s population lives in Budapest.

Quick facts: Budapest is the result of the unification of 3 cities:  Buda, Obuda and Pest.

Budapest has the oldest subway-line in Europe, the largest Synagogue in Europe and the world’s largest thermal water cave system with 80 geothermal springs

Famous Hungarians: Bela Bartók & Ferenc Liszt (composers), Ernő Rubik (Rubik’s Cube inventor), Laszlo Bíró (ballpoint pen inventor), Tony Curtis ,Houdini , Lugosi Béla ( first Dracula), Johnny Weismuller (first Tarzan)

Hungarian language (“Magyar”), originated in  Asia and closest relatives are Finnish and Estonian.  It has 14 vowels: á, é, í, ó, ö, ő, ú, ü, ű.