Return to Japan 2010 & 2016


These kids had an English class assignement. We gladly helped to fill in questions : "Where are you from?" ..."What Japanese food did you like the most?"

Most Japanese people  seemed to be incredibly polite and friendly. If we looked a little confused,  people stopped and asked if we  needed help. We had one day an older gentleman come join us for sevral blocks just to show us where to take our lunch.

There are stories about the people looking down on foreigners or “gaijin”. Hard to tell.  It may be just the language barrrier. Those speaking some English were in general curious and trying to approach us. However, in many smaller places we had a hard time to communicate.

We found groups of school children everywhere we went. Each group had distinctive uniforms or hats. We met even groups of businessmen, dressed in the same way.

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